Why #ContextMatters so much on Social, and how understanding that could make your campaigns much more effective.

Chatter on social media contains a variety of keywords, which tell us a lot about the users who mentioned them. Advertisers could potentially use these keywords to find relevant users and target relevant ads towards them. However, given the high level of ambiguity of many of the high volume keywords, targeting users based on keywords on social media has turned out to be pretty challenging for many advertisers, including ones who have mastered the use of keywords on Google and other SEM platforms.

Imagine a shoes manufacturer who is looking to target users interested in buying new shoes, or users who are “shoes enthusiasts”. Given the multiple contexts in which the word “shoes” could appear in, only 10-20% of the users who mention the word “shoes” would be relevant. You could imagine how someone who says “I am just dying for a pair of new shoes” is a “golden” target user for such an advertiser, but many of the other mentions of the word ‘shoes’ are along the lines of “my shoes got dirty”, “my shoes got wet”, “my baby is so cute with her new shoes on” etc. which are much less relevant.

So you might think: why not just target all of them and let the 10-20% relevant users click if they are interested? The downside of this is that the low click-through rate results in low quality score for this campaign, and hence limits the campaign’s exposure and scaling potential considerably. In addition there will always be some non-relevant users who would click on the ads nevertheless, wasting the advertiser’s precious campaign dollars…

So why not use much more specific key phrases, like “buy shoes” “going on a trip”, “on my way to the airport”, “going to a party tonight”? The challenge with these is that the volume of such exact narrow context mentions is super low making it is really hard to get such campaigns to scale.

Sophisticated advertisers are starting to look into how they could find a happy medium between high volume and high relevancy on social campaigns. Comprendi’s R&D team led by Dr. Kfir Bar, has been very active in this field, and has built multiple proprietary tools helping advertisers, address this very challenge, on a continuous basis, as the chatter on social media is not only ambiguous, it also changes every day… Comprendi’s team would love to share more about how we help the biggest advertisers out there address this challenge. Contact us or attend one of our upcoming meetups and seminars if you are interested.