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Adaptive Creative

Auto customize your ads based on a multitude of real time real world signals such as weather, sports scores, trending topics on twitter chatter and more.

Adaptive Creative allows advertisers to seamlessly tie their advertising messaging to events and trends that happen and unfold in real time throughout the world. In this we enable an enhanced live and hyper relevant connection between brands and consumers around the real time events that are most interesting to each consumer, and at the very moment they happen.

Adaptive Creative trigger

Weather based triggers

Trigger your ads based on weather conditions in any city in the world. A coffee brand, for instance, can automatically show an iced latte ad in Los Angeles where it’s hot and sunny, and at the same time show a hot latte ad in colder locations.

Adaptive Creative trigger

Sports based triggers

Trigger your ads based on worldwide sports leagues results. For example a beer brand could use Adaptive Creative to automatically trigger ads at the very moment a football game ends. For fans of the winning team, the brand could target ads showing cheering fans toasting their victory with beer bottles in their hands, while at the same time targeting the losing teams’ fans with an ad that says “Can’t win every day… grab a beer and cheer up.”

Adaptive Creative trigger

Chatter based triggers

Our chatter based triggers automatically identify relevant trending topics for you. All you need to do is give us one keyword like fashion, and we will figure out what’s relevant and trending within the fashion space… and if something important enough is trending, like NYFW we will trigger your preloaded ads… at the exact right moment.


More relevant ads

Which better resonate and form a stronger connection with the target audience

Broader reach

Capture more relevant moments, for more relevant users automatically

Earned media and virality

Because your ads are so much more relevant and timely

Unprecedented automation

Saves money and time and results in better ROAS

Hyper Relevant Audience Discovery

Automatically build the most relevant targeting sets at any given moment so that your ads are served to the most relevant users, at scale.

Comprendi provides automated, hyper relevant audience discovery powered by Artificial Intelligence. Insert one keyword, and our system will build the most relevant targeting set for that very keyword at that very moment in time. Our system continues to learn from real time campaign performance and “prunes” and expands the campaign targeting based on that. Our system will keep updating the targeting sets for you in real time based on a variety of real time real world data streams we are plugged into.


Target the most relevant users

Reach users who are much more likely to take action and generate revenue to your business

Leverage long tail audiences

Everyone is targeting the followers of the top 3 brands in your space… gain a competitive advantage and incremental scale through targeting beyond the obvious

Real time relevancy

Leverage the hashtags and keywords which are most relevant to your audience today. Our system updates the targeting sets on an ongoing basis based on what is trending in your space

Huge time savings

Instead of spending hours on manually curating targeting lists for every campaign, let our artificial intelligence do that for you

comprensi's dashbaord comprensi's dashbaord

Comprendi’s self serve dashboard provides End-to-end campaign management automation (real time bid management, bulk campaign creation and editing, advanced analytics) to make the process of uploading, managing and optimizing campaigns 100% seamless to the user.