cpi reduction

Back to back testing Comprendi vs. Non-Comprendi campaigns shows 43-77% reduction in CPI

To showcase how impactful Comprendi’s audience discovery algorithms are we recently ran a benchmarking test to quantify the impact. We ran this benchmarking campaign with 4 top grossing apps for a period of one month. For each of these apps we tested 2 sets of campaigns. The first set of campaigns (let’s call it the Benchmarking Set) was using a mix of all the targeting options readily available to all advertisers on ads.twitter.com (e.g. follower targeting, keyword targeting, interest targeting, behavioral targeting, TV targeting, app category targeting etc.).

The second set of campaigns (let’s call it the Comprendi Set) was using targeting based on Comprendi’s proprietary Audience Discovery algorithms. Both campaign sets, were promoting the same app, with the exact same creative, within the same timeframe, with the same total daily budget. Both sets were targeting the same geographies and devices. In terms of bid management, the Benchmarking set used manual CPAC bidding, controlled by a highly experienced campaign manager. The Comprendi Set was using Comprendi’s proprietary Set and Forget bid management system.

The results speak for themselves, across all 4 benchmarked apps; Comprendi’s campaigns achieved a 43-77% reduction in cost per install spending the same budget within the same timeframe.